Sunday, 30 September 2012

and then what?

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D hmm i wanna ask girls, ladies, women out there. let's say there is one guy at your workplace that you secretly have a crush on and he is cute. you just get to know him like less than a week. and then he asks for your facebook account. and then he text you in facebook inbox. and his texts can melt you in seconds :p and then you stalk his facebook like a crazy stalker :p and then you find out that he has a erm 'facebook girlfriend'. im saying 'facebook girlfriend' because there is possibility that the relationship could be on facebook ONLY. like never meet one-to-one something like that.. 

the question i wanna ask here is will you still carry on with that your crush feeling on him and ignore the reality that you might hurt his girlfriend's feeling?

if you ask me, i will answer "absolutely not!" just because he is cute or handsome or whatsoever does not mean he is meant for me. rubbish. 


  • don't rush to start a serious relationship if you just know that person for 1-2 days.
  • don't get fooled with outside beauty.
  • never be a third person in a relationship. bad girl/boy..
  • facebook relationship? hmm no comment.
and then...


huwaaaaaaaaaa i hate monday >.<

lazy sunday

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D i believe most people hate monday. im one of them. no doubt. i wish there are at least 2 'sundays' in a week. huhu. 

sekejap lagi kami ke rumah saudara ada makan2 untuk mendiang nenek. good thing aku sudah gosok pakaian for tomorrow. so balik rumah later aku tau tidur terus. genius. haha. well, im kinda sleepy at the moment. sleepy when im sitting. but when i limpang on my nice tilam mata ne give opposite reaction tia. grr. untuk buang rasa sleepy ne aku taip whatever random thoughts that popped in my mind.

what i had for lunch today. 1 bungkus indomee and 1 gelas air. i was not hungry.

this is my first time saw this fruit. my friend told me it is called 'buah nona'. i don't know what people call it in english. Mr.Google knows better. lol.

tomorrow will be the first day of a new month. hello October. sayonara September. come quick November. i love you December. HI 2013! :D well, well, well... why am i so excited about 2013 ah?

one of the facilities available in my workplace :D in my life, i only played pool once. i prefer bowling.

err be right back. ada business jap. lol.

im back :D erm think that's all for now. tata.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

quick update :D

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

attention Bruneians! if you are thinking to be part of oil and gas industry do check out the upcoming job fair below :) goodluck!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

open many tabs. close all tabs. open again many tabs.

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D oh myyyyyyyyy, no word can describes how freaking bored i am right now :I open youtube tab, open google tab, open facebook tab, open blogger tab. back and forth. there you go! 

my uncle and his wife are going to hospital. baru bertolak. my uncle asked me "nda takut?" but pendengaran ku "sudah cabut?" kebetulan aku baru habis gosok pakaian kerja for tomorrow so i thought my uncle was asking about sudah kah aku cabut plug. telinga2... aku jawap "sudah." haha. second time he asked baru clear. ntah berapa cm tebal sudah emas dalam telinga ne. lol. maksud question uncle ku tu aku berani kah sorang2 di bilik tamu bawah while they are out.

taken on 18/08/2012 i love the leggings design ;) but not appropriate to wear it in office.

my kfc stuff :) see you next year, Mr. Colonel! lol :p

the secret to happiness is FREEDOM. this right here is FREEDOM -> $12,465,622.83 WOW! a man of 20's wrote on his bank receipt some advice and left it in a cafe.. cool. source credit to facebook :p

aku bosan. kau bosan?

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D oh lalala i feel like wanna go somewhere tonight. i wanna watch movie in cinema, i wanna play bowling, i wanna dok di cafe minum and cerita sama kawan2. aishhh if only i know how to drive *sigh* asyik2 tumpang kerita kawan nda jua cool tu. lol. 

im freaking boreddddd !!! *scream kuat2 sampai keluar jantung, limpa segala apa*

last night pecah record eh. 8 p.m. plus sudah aku departed to dreamland. coz i was bored. 

jap ah aku buka facebook dulu, mau greet kawan happy birthday. 

my friend yang birthday tu ada dalam gambar di atas. teka which one. haha. dia is 'he' okie.

okiee im back :D well, happy birthday to those who are celebrating their birthday today. moga bertambah pintar. haha. nda termasuk pintar mainkan urang okie. 

multi-charger. if my colleagues forget to bring their handphone charger aku yang dicari tu. lol.

mamam chocolatos while doing my work. stress remedy. but not healthiness remedy. lol.

tadi di opis lama aku lirik2 at this chocolate atas meja kawan. told him already jangan pernah tayang chocolate depan ku. kan aku dah kebas. haha :p

what else huh? aku bosan sangat2. hmm better i ngedate with encik Google. tambah ilmu didada. lol.

okie tata :D

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

2013 plan

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D oh lalala almost every night do the same thing saja. monday night ngadap laptop. tuesday night ngadap laptop. wednesday night ngadap laptop. and bla bla bla night. well, im enjoying my nightlife to the fullest. oh? lol. 

roughly 3 more months left before 2012 bid farewell to us. i hate 2011 coz macam2 krisis timbul that had changed my life walaupun nda sepenuhnya. but i less hate 2012 coz yeah, im moving on in life. 

i know it is too early to plan. but yeah, just wanna highlight what i wanna do in 2013 so i can be prepared while we are still in 2012. 

my 2013 plan:

  • finish HND with EXCELLENT result. Aamiin...
  • take 'informal' driving lesson.
  • saving up to $xxx.xx ;) will see if the amount maintain 'til dec 2013. lol.
  • improve cooking skill. lol.
  • gain weight. plus 5kg. can? fyi, im quite skinny and have high metabolism.
  • make some beautiful dresses.
  • go hiking a lot.
  • participate more in any activities organized by university or outside events. c'mon, let's socialize in a good way.
  • most important is i wanna become a BETTER person :)

the cost of friendship

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

i believe all have at least one best friend. i have many and one of them is Rifan. we knew each other for quite a long time since primary school. but we only started talking to each other when we became classmates in form 4. since then we become good friends.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

it is a cold SUNday :3

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

Alhamdulillah acara Majlis Persandingan DiRaja Brunei went smoothly this morning. a big congratulation to our beautiful Princess Hajah Hafizah Sururul Bolkiah and her husband, Pengiran Haji Muhammad Ruzaini, on their big day :) sempena sahnya Pengiran Haji Muhammad Ruzaini becomes a husband to Princess Hafizah, he is granted with the title Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Anak Haji Muhammad Ruzaini. 

i woke up early just to watch the live show of the wedding ceremony yang penuh adat istiadat. bangun saja terus dok ngaadap tv and buka channel RTB ngan bau badan yang masam. haha. 

Saturday, 22 September 2012

royal wedding in Brunei

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

once upon a time in a small country called Brunei Darussalam everyone was in joy in the midst of celebrating spectacular royal wedding between HRH Princess Hajah Hafizah Sururul Bolkiah and the lucky man, Pengiran Haji Muhammad Ruzaini. 

wonder berapa cost yang diperuntukkan for perkahwinan diraja ni... the royal wedding solemnization was held on 21st septembber 2012. wish the royal couple long live and happily ever after :)

the first brunei royal wedding that i saw was in 2004 between Crown Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah and Crown Princess Pengiran Anak Sarah.

and then in 2007 another royal wedding took place. Crown Prince's sister, HRH Princess Hajah Majeedah Nuurul Bolkiah wed a civil servant, Pengiran Anak Khairul Khalil.

one word to summarize all. WOW.

Thursday, 20 September 2012


Assalamu'alaikum readers :D well, first of all sorry sesangat coz lama nda update blog. macam chipsmore dah ku ne. lol. i felt lazy to update so yeah. 

erm i have many stuff to share actually but again yeah aku lazy ohh... well, i just list out whatever have happened including today's stories.

  • 10/9 didn't really remember
  • 11/9 same as above
  • 12/9 a small family event to congratulate venney's brother for being accepted to further his studies in Malaysia
  • 13/9 didn't really remember
  • 14/9 registered my name and hazawani's in 'three-legged race' game for Menang Family Day on 14th October 2012
  • 15/9 went to Brunei International Airport to send venney's daddy and her big brother. they flew to Kuala Lumpur. in the afternoon we went to Miri Airport to send venney's mommy and her little sister. in the evening me and venney joined venney's boyfriend's family dine in at bandar. full day ohh~
  • 16/9 attended chicha's hari raya open house invitation. in the evening me, venney, merilyn, sherra and salam went to bandar to have some fun~
  • 17/9 didn't really remember
  • 18/9 busy with work. so what? 
  • 19/9 this was yesterday and nothing interesting to share
  • 20/9 venney's parents, her brother and cheeky sister have arrived home safely
p/s: chocolate can actually let you to make friends with your colleagues at workplace. lol. before this i never talked to ara and bibi because from my first impression they are somehow payah kan jadikan kawanku. but after i gave them chocolate we 'officially' become friends HAHA :p lame~

Sunday, 9 September 2012

im left to wonder...

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D since afternoon, im watching You Tube videos on true depression and suicides stories, teens' secrets, 'if you really knew me' videos... and i was crying watching some of those especially the one about depression. somehow, i feel connected to them. because i have a sister and the only real sibling i have in this world who has been diagnosed with depression :'( sheeesshhh, im trying to hold back these tears... 

i miss my sister so much. i have not seen her for a year already. i won't share any very personal details about this. just enough for you guys to know that i have a sister who suffers from depression. 

i believe outside there is a bright future waiting for my sister. 

im left to wonder if i happen to marry one day will my future husband accept my family background?

im left to wonder will my sister ever meet her true love one day?

world is full with wonders...

one fine sunday morning...

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D fuhhhh i was all sacred after 'berperang' with venney's brother's cat. im a bit afraid of cats. dulu lagi teruk lah level takut ku. lol. 

i have a funny story about me just happened an hour ago. my niece, mone, called home wanted to talk to venney. im not familiar with mona's voice yet. i went upstairs to call venney and at the same time i have to face a fear a.k.a the cat =.= venney was in the bathroom so i asked the girl in the phone who she is as well as her phone number so that venney can call her back later. she just said that she is from Empire Hotel and left a contact number. what's more embarrassing is i sound so formal tadi. to make this story short, venney told me it was mona yang tipon and the so-called office number mona gave me is their home's phone number. i bet my naughty nieces are still laughing their ass off right now. lol. the reason why mona tipon is ea mau ajak venney makan dimsum with them later. im invited too but i don't feel like going anywhere today. hehe.

Saturday, 8 September 2012


Assalamu'alaikum readers :D sunday night and what i do is just staying at home the whole day. my mood was ruined this morning but now sudah okay. 

i wanna hike, go camping, kayaking, watch movie in cinema, play bowling, go to beach playing sand, have a small gathering with old friends and lots more. im really bored right now!!

guys, if you have something funny or scary or whatsoever share your story in the comment below.


cheer me up, please?

Assalamu'alaikum readers..

pagi2 sudah buat aku hilang mood. niatku baik ndamau panjangkan cerita yang can make you feel macam nda dihargai atau rasa tersisih tapi disalahertikan. 


Thursday, 6 September 2012

jiwa jiwang seorang juwita~~

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D it's friday night. so what? well, nothing exciting going on. how i wish i have my own car so that i can pegi jalan2 lah. jalan2 ke hati mu thayangg HUAHAHAHAHAHA uwekkkk :p 

tahap kebosanan ku tonight has reach level 17 level paling tinggi like dalam Angry Bird game. err level 17 ke? hahaha ketara nda pernah main sampai habis the game. tipu je :p actually aku nda minat langsung itu burung marah. no offense okiee to Angry Bird fans :3

hmm~~ oleh sebab aku bosan sangat so aku layan lah lagu2 jiwang tahap besi bekarat di You Tube like sampai menutup mata by acha septriasa, menunggu mu by rossa, i miss you by zaskia and irwansyah, beautiful by megan nicole, your guardian angel by red jumpsuit apparatus. hahaha. im afraid IF without im knowing i have fallen in love. haaaaa *dry laugh* there is this one guy... aaa story to be dis-continued. hehe. aku nda berani share something yang belum ada kepastian. puiii punya lah banyak jiwang ini malam. 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

facebook status

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

i find it EXTREMELY annoying when people put up facebook status like: 

  • singleME
  • who is single? 18+ girl, please
  • back to being single #forever alone
  • i am single. who wanna be my gf/bf? inbox.

bla bla bla bla and the list goes on =.= 

such a desperado huh.

aku pun single jua tapi im not desperate walaupun there are times aku rasa sunyi sesangat.

sodahlahh kauu...

Monday, 3 September 2012

straight or wavy?

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

people said bisai lagi if aku punya rambut straight but no matter what i love my natural wavy hair :)

what i learnt today?

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D dah dinner? after you eat don't forget brush your teeth. actually, i haven't brush mine. lol. later la before zzz ;) 

i found it funny this morning when i arrived at my workplace and sat with my fellow industrial attachment friends, all of them were giving me their monday blues expression. lol. my monday blues trivia is that i don't have enough sleep last night. 6 hours mana cukup. kalau tah dapat di qadha jam2 tidur yang missed atu. lol.  

okay, what i have learned today? check it out below :D

1) self-reminder: if mau belawa ke office, allocate 1 hour slot untuk beautify diri from head to toe. not 10 minutes which i was trying to do tadi and end up i gave up. oh Jennifer Lopez, can i pinjam your make-up artist? lol. 

2) if you are the type that love to wear high heel shoes ke office, it would be better if you bring a pair of slippers. because you never know bila kasut kamu jahat arah kamu like what mine did to my jari kaki huhu.

3) always bawa chocolateSSS everyday to office. and a big bottle of mineral water if your company nda provide. lol. let's prevent diabetes :p i always mengusut mau chocolate tapi malas make an effort to bawa some ke office. macam tah berat sangat kan put the chocolate dalam bag. lazy bum. lol.

4) don't make yourself look stupid in front of company receptionist >.<

erm what else oh... i miss to watch movie at cinema with friends.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

you're beautiful

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

One Direction says:

baby you light up my world like nobody else
the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed
but when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell
you don't know oh oh
you don't know you're beautiful

Megan Nicole says:

i wanna be blown away
i wanna be swept off my feet
i wanna meet the one who makes it hard for me to breathe
i wanna be lost in love
i wanna be your dream come true
i wanna be sacred of how strong i feel for you
just call me beautiful
call me beautiful
call me beautiful
call me b-e-a-utiful

Akon says:

you're so beautiful
so damn beautiful
said you're so beautiful
so damn beautiful

and i say:

you all are BEAUTIFUL!
God's creations are all beautiful
different skin color, race, religion, IQ
still you are beautiful

hehe i was bored all day so i listen to some great songs on You Tube and what funny is most of the songs i searched tajuknya ada word beautiful. and currently, me and venney lepak at meng's house. ainaa tadi saja join. what we do here? beautify ourselves. lol. ainaa straighten rambutku and then she curled my hair. my hair is actually wavy. venney polish kuku si meng and ainaa. meng is playing with venney's long hair. yeah, we are having time of our own here. lol.

the above pictures were taken when i went to friends' hari raya open house invitations :D am the one yang with braided hair style.