Saturday, 18 August 2012

why my friends like to tease me?

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D huargghh *yawning widely* it is weekend but i can't wake up late. how sad is that :'( im living at my uncle's house so i need to show good attitude like wake up early, at least. HAHA.

erm there is one question that always circling inside this small head. and sometimes it is bothering me. why my friends and even some of my relatives which aku biasa suka teasing me? i don't call it bullying. tease can be defined as 1) to annoy or pester 2) to make fun of; mock playfully. actually, there are several definitions of tease but i pick the one which are closely related to my situation. whereas, bullying means the act of intimidating a weaker person to make them do something. 

yes, throughout my teenage's life aku mudah kana nyanya. i don't really know why... is it because these four popular traits that i have in me? clumsy, very forgetful, lurus orangnya and otak ku sometimes 'lagging'. and yes, im a bit childish. being 20 don't always shows the 20 act.

most of the time i don't mind. most of the time aku ikut laughing. most of the time people DON'T know macam mana tirednya kana nyaya saja. most of the time people DON'T know the struggle i have to endure to try to act mature.

you may ask am i sad being me? honestly, no. because im a happy-go-lucky and ignorant person. im just sad the way my friends treat me. huh, why i need to post this? perhaps, it is time to change? i will turn 21 in four months. so?

aaa gotta go.