Friday, 10 August 2012

who don't like weekend lol

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D left with 9 days before fasting month ends. yet, am not eager to celebrate Eid Celebration. yeahhh weekend is here :D

yesterday was such a great day. i got the opportunity to visit a few sites where my training instructor showed and explained to us the BOGI trainees about oil drilling rig, wellheads, separator and offshore platform ( the ones can be seen from Seria beach ). we also get to know more about brunei oil and gas industry as we stopped by at Oil and Gas Discovery Centre and Seria Crude Oil Terminal. 

Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq have world's largest oil reserve. and i doubt the cheeky motive behind U.S attack on Iraq and nuclear attack issue on Iran. im not blaming the U.S people to have such .... leaders. same goes to other countries that have fxxked-up-minded leaders and try to sneakily carve the mind of their citizens that muslims are terrorist. why can't they just leave Afghanistan, Palestin, Iran, Iraq, Lubnan and stop being bitchy politicians >.< grr! am sorry, am emotional a bit. but please people stop all this nonsense. i believe all of you HATE war, right. so as one world, say NO to WAR! okay okay, i end the politic topic now.

alright, after got back home from work yesterday and about less than half hour rest, roza and i went to bandar to have iftar together with syaza and zarith. first kami culik zarith di UBD The Core then syaza di apartment yang disewanya. err not really an apartment. ea macam deretan kedai-kedai and on the 1st floor is where the shops' workers and foreigners live. the block condition is err okay okay lah.. 

we had iftar at Escapade Sushi in Kiulap. it was my 2nd time went there. i remembered i told my friends that am not gonna eat at Escapade again coz i seriously don't like the smell of err its vinegar which merebak inside the restaurant. plus the price range is err *hang myself* but my mindset was changed when i ate there yesterday. honestly, most of the food are this *double thumbs up* in fact i spent the cheapest and my friends offered me to try their food. below are the snapshots and enjoy! 

this last photo below is me wearing a coverall for the first time :D

from Escapade Sushi we invaded The Mall Gadong, the most busiest entertainment centre in brunei. and shopping is #1 entertainment here. lol. not attending concert or such. our final destination is Snow White's House. lol. Snow House actually. one of brunei's ice cream heaven. lol. if you think Snow House doesn't offer enough in terms of ice cream menu, side order and interior design, call it a hell then. lol!

well, i came home late at 11.23 p.m. hahaha exact banar ku liat the time. and i was super exhausted. not premium not regular. lol! premium, super and regular are types of fuel available in brunei petrol stations. hahaaa *dry laugh*

okay, what do we have today? 

  • playing with hari raya 'angpaw' cards in office.
  • traveled to dreamland for less than 2 hours ( i met Cinderella and asked if i can have her beautiful shoes lol! )
  • text with friends on Whatsapp.
  • blogging.
  • wasting time :3
  • eat indomee and 'asam boi' ahh im stuffed.
just finish watching Bedtime Stories. caliii hehehe. i doubt the majority families in brunei do tell bedtime stories to their kids.

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