Sunday, 5 August 2012

it is weekend :D

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D i wake up quite late and yeah, it is sunday :D there is not much activity im planning to do today. if only i have a driving license and a car. in brunei, the legal age when you can start applying for a driving license is 18. and i know in U.S it is 16. how about other countries? feel free to share in the comment link below. 

later around 5.30 p.m. i will be going to have iftar in 11th Sports Cafe with some of my old friends from secondary school. sure there are hell lots of stories we would like to catch up each other. and just a few seconds ago my uncle asked me whether i wanna join them to miri later. i want to but i already have a plan with my friends first.

p/s: i hate grumpy kids that cry and scream and wail very loud and then when we try to comfort them they scream even louder.

i just knew where my uncle's housemaid, Aunt Inah, lives. she is from Ujungsemi Kaliwedi Cirebon, West Jawa, Indonesia. i guess Aunt Inah misses her hometown. working in other country as a housemaid and not able to visit hometown even at least twice a year is one of the sacrifices these people have to take. 

p/s: a short video of Visit Cirebon

i always dream of having a beautiful mansion when i can afford to own one in future ( Aminnn... ). i think i become obsess with these amazing large houses is when i was first time watching MTV Teen Cribs :D i admire their outstanding architectural pieces. below is a Top 10 List of Faezah's Favorite Houses in The World *wink* self-made list, okay? lol. photos credit to respectful owners taken from various websites.

#10 Hurricane-proof home, Florida

#9 AURA Residence, Cyprus

#8 La Finca, Spain

#7 Palais Bulles by Antti Lovag

#6 Celine Dion's home

#5 Updown Court, UK

#4 Larry Ellison's home

aaa actually after i uploaded the above photo, i went to take a rest for awhile and watched Giuliani & Bill. and then venney ajak aku cari jubah in Hua Ho Tutong. i found out this afternoon quite many reckless drivers on the road. if wanna show off your so-called driving skill go somewhere else like racing track! aku mau hidup lama oii. luckily, venney knows how to take over the panic situation. okay, for my top 3 favorite houses will be shared in the next entry. will blog about it tomorrow. i wanna sleep now. im stuffed and was happy meeting some of old friends tadi masa iftar. full tummy = heavy eyes = call to sleep. 


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