Friday, 17 August 2012

storytelling blah blah blah :3

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D sorryyy lama nda update. busy with both important and non-important stuffs. HUAHAHA. well, i will just post some pictures from each day that i missed to update dalam blog ku ne.. biar tia the pictures saja yang bercerita. lol. 

aaaishhh it is not that aku sombong sudah jadi town girl but honestly i don't wanna ikuttt my uncle tanam padi tomorrowww :O panas kaliahhhh... is there any good excuse i can use to escape dari ikut tanam padi?? think quick of one, fae :s 

btw esuk also moon sighting for anak bulan Syawal before we bid farewell to Ramadhan *sob!sob!* for fasting month this year sudah dua kali aku tuang puasa. oops! lol.

i wanna eat asam boi next. tata :D

update: will upload more pictures if i have time.