Monday, 6 August 2012

klik! klik! klik! girls' night out :D

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D last night me and some of my old friends from secondary school had iftar together in 11th Sports Cafe. roza is having summer break before she go back to UK. syaza is a college student from International Gadong School. while, katie is a degree student from Universiti Brunei Darussalam. her campus is not far from ITB, where im currently further my studies. and zarith is also studying in ITB taking mechanical engineering. 5 of us were really having good times. in fact, i haven't seen them for quite a long time as we go separate way after leaving secondary school. there was so much i need to catch up.

well, from 11th Sports me, roza and zarith went to Soon Lee Mega Mart as aku mau cuci gambar saiz passport. and then we went to Anjung Warisan Restaurant to 'tapau' pattaya rice for roza's younger sisters. before we went back home, we stopped by Coffee Bean Cafe and i ordered a small cup of caramel ice blended. err i don't like coffee actually.

okay, below are the photos from last night's hanging out. i love to take food photos rather than people.

Roza (wearing tudung) & zarith

katie (wearing spectacle) & syaza

i like zarith's second name; sofia :)

11th Sports Cafe's dry kitchen

my mango pudding, the taste is 3/5

outside is 11th Sports Cafe separate building. lounge concept.

syaza's drink

katie's food, deep fried fish with garlic

zarith's food. looks delicious.

syaza's food. western menu.

ain't these food So Good? KFC's slogan. lol.

roza's food & drink. mee with tomatoes.

waiting for call for maghrib prayer

roza's & zarith's side orders

my food. the pan fried chicken is poured with homemade spicy sauce. damn spicy. aarghh!

nice view eh & the cafe is near Belait River

lively concept

am wearing a sleeveless orange top, a black jacket and a long black skirt


efaC stropS 11 :p

a family was having a small event in the cafe lounge

overall the cafe service i rate it 7/10

the cafe's ceiling design

11 Sports's neighbor, Riviera Cafe :p

Anjung Warisan Restaurant

buffet. i used to pronounce 'buffet' wrongly (common among non-english speaker :p)

waiting for roza's to-go order siap dibikin

i never eat in AW Restaurant

less strategic location, just personal opinion

chicken pie :D

the interior design inside Coffee Bean Cafe

bla bla bla

bla bla bla

yummy. can i have all these??

what i purchased at Coffee Bean. not able to finish it. coffee oh =.=

a new scarf and new perfumes

sorry eh my photos biasa-biasa saja. alright, public holiday doesn't always mean excitement. im super bored from morning until ainaa texted me up around 4 p.m. plus. she asked me to accompany her to buy some food at Ramadhan bazaar. 

went back home from Ramadhan bazaar

i spent $4 on nasi katok, a cocktail drink, cheesecake & 'begedil'

alright, i end my entry with HUARGHHH *yawning widely* goodnight, guys.