Monday, 27 August 2012

it is monday :D so what?

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D i was so lazy to wake up this morning. but have to coz kajaaa huhuhu... Alhamduillah even though malas kan mulakan buat kaja tadi tapi lama2 enjoy jua. the task delegated to me was simple. key in data something like that. it was just that i balik2 going inside filing room. sangal jua eh mata ku lama staring at computer screen. i went home late tadi coz mau siapkan my work but still end up nda siap. seriously, i need to improve my time management skill and be more organized.

tonight, kami nda jalan beraya. aku pun malas banarnya. mau rehat at home saja. this coming friday ada eid mubarak open house invitation from one of my bestfriends, norfathin mazziyyah. beautiful name, right? :D hopefully i can make it this friday. mau jumpa gyah before she go back to U.K. 

i have sore throat gara2 eating too much chocolates and kurang minum water. uhukkk! :s 

finally, i have the confident to wear high heel shoes to work. lol :p bejalan pun balance dah. haha. it is true when people say that we change with time. if not now, maybe in future. close example is me :D i used to hate feminine style. but now, im thinking to buy more beautiful high heel shoes, skirts, sexy tops ( covered with cardigans, of course ).. lol. 

oh my, im hungry actually. 

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