Thursday, 2 August 2012

hey hey you you !!

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D 

hey, hey, you, you! i want to be your girlfriend. no way, no way! you are driving me insane. oh my Lamborghini Aventador J <3 

nah, am just being silly :p i spent $4.00 today on some food and a drink at Ramadhan bazaar. 
aaa be right back~ wanna watch Oggy and The Cockroaches :3 (save entry dalam draft)

grr i am back. mad at someone just now. annoying! 

emm fyi, i have to delete some previous entries due to unexplained reason. sorry *bow politely* haha.

what should i blog next huh? does anyone knows who is Queen Rania? *angkat tangan* spotted hairy armpit. oops! *put hand down quickly and act COOL* okay, i adore this beautiful Jordan queen. everything seems perfect outside. i hope she maintains the inside beauty of her, too. 

Queen Rania wore a simple and nice headpiece which was actually a bracelet. she seems to know how to play around with jewelry.

okay, that's it what i wanted to say about Queen Rania. she is beautiful, educated and fashionable :) tell me and share who are the Queen or Princess that you adore in the comment box :)

it is now 13th of Ramadhan. how is your fasting going, my muslim friends? people always say control our anger while we are still fasting. listen, i am not that perfect enough to hold back whatever negative emotions i feel inside. i need to spit it out. aren't you will do the same?

say what, am listening to Justin Bieber's song 'As Long As You Love Me' JB's song lyrics aaa, i am wondering do any of my readers don't like JB? well, am not his fan. i just like listen to some of his great hits. JB, you are too hot for my age :p JB's answer "it's okay. as long as you love me." aaa, i hope am not gonna get a hit from saying this. lol! 

okay, that's all for now :) see you tomorrow night! in my blog, of course :p

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