Saturday, 25 August 2012

braiding time! :D

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D how's your weekend? good? busy? stress pasal your kids? just broke up with your girlfriend? well, whatever it is as days pass by jangan lupa muhasabah diri to improve yourself, your life, your whatsoever. lol. like me, im trying to improve my time management skill coz i always late for things. i also wanna keep learning about business. aim for bright future, buddy. please please please don't make friend with drugs. okay, that's it for today's so-called motivational talk. lol. 

kami nda banyak beraya hari ne. just four houses kami serang. atupun rumah jiran saja. most of the day aku and venney dalam biliknya saja. what we do? she is experimenting my hair ngan many braiding styles. and i main laptop while my hair kana modify into macam2 gaya. lol. fact: i only like when my hair is wet. bila ea dry, mengerbang bah alah cik pontibaby. lol.

Alhamdulillah duit raya that i receive for this year so far $60 plus. Alhamdulillah. kamu dapat berapa? save ah, jangan boros. aku only boros bali chocolateSSS. haha.

currently, it is raining in my place. perfect time to make taie mata :p but venney is still playing with my hair. 

alright, i blah dulu. 

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