Wednesday, 8 August 2012

8/8 nice date but with no special things happened

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D alright, im planning to blog until 9.30 p.m. coz i wanna sleep early. ever since i start attachment i try not to stay up late. 

okay, yesterday is venney's daddy's birthday. happy birthday uncle! err belated yang banarnya. me and venney's family ate at Shinobu Restaurant, Kiulap, to have iftar there and straightaway celebrate uncle's birthday. uncle, i just wanna say a big THANK YOU :) unfortunately, i only managed took some snapshots of the dinner time before my mobile phone battery died! grr >.< why can't it last longer at least a week?? i charge my phone battery everyday. waste energy tah banar. huhu. 

speaking of having iftar outside, am gonna have one again with roza, zarith and syaza tomorrow ;) sadly, katie can't join us due to some reasons. this time we plan to have iftar at Excapade Restaurant in Kiulap. you know, the sushi food.. moshi moshi :3 

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actually i do have so much to share about. but there are few stories i don't think i can post them here due to some reasons. sometimes even though this blog is about my personal life, i need to 'filter' those posts which i think can make other party upset or feels shame. 

oh yah, i would like to thank venney's mommy coz bought me 3 nice brooches. thank you, aunt! talk about jewelry, i only like to wear necklace. im so skinny so when i wear on a bracelet i feel 'ugly'. 

photo credit to Beautytipsreal

oh well, goodnight people!

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