Wednesday, 25 July 2012

10 part-time businesses for students

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D in my entry 10 home-based small businesses i talked about some small businesses that you can do to earn additional income. even students can take a try.

in this entry, i will talk about the similar thing..

maybe you are not a smart, extra smart, student like Mark Zuckerberg back when he was a university student which brought him to create a world social network phenomenon called FACEBOOK :) but you MUST believe huge success comes from accumulated small efforts :) keep your faith high and always pray to Allah Ta'ala :)

alright, check out below a list of 10 part-time businesses for students:

1) music tutor or composer - teach music or compose song with CLEAN lyric! example a singer Najwa Latif from Malaysia.

2) aerobic or dance instructor - teach aerobic orr dance when you are free from school activity.

3) craft making or cross-stitching - create unique crafts or gifts.

4) tutoring - teach me maths please =.= how i really hate that subject.

5) photographer - take beautiful snapshots of wedding events, birthday parties etc :)

6) baking - *mind is drifting away thinking about oreo cheese cake*

7) blogging - good in writing essay? have great ideas?

8) babysitting - baby boo poop! lol!

9) set up online shop on facebook - sell used items, perhaps.

10) a weekend club such as hiking club - get weekly or monthly fee. you only can do this during weekends so that it won't interrupt your lessons during weekdays.

if you have any ideas, comment up. have a nice day!