Sunday, 27 May 2012

busy week :l

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D it's Sunday and i don't work today :D phew what a busy week i have. after i started working on May 21st, my time becomes very limited. shortage of workers is a big problem that KFC KB is facing right now. that's why most of us have to work overtime. we are trying to take it positive way and co-operate with the management team. 

mudahan ada some SERIOUS applicants send their resume soon. i want my precious 'leisure' time back. huhu :l within this week i had worked overtime for two days and yes, it was freaking exhausted standing for damn long hours. end of month salary is the only factor that can make us stay. hehe. the longer hours we work, the higher we gain ;)

however, i am planning to implement some plans of generating side income into actions. honestly, aku nda lagi interest to continue working in KFC but due to some reasons, i have to stick a little longer. about my plans, i am not gonna disclose them here. just wish me luck :D 

okie dokie, i wanna share some stories masa aku kaja minggu ane.

well, i was proud and happy when this one nice lady was satisfied with my service. she is a British, i think. she said my service is fast and very efficient (where the actual fact is that i am being labelled by my fellow KFC-ians as the slowest cashier when serving customers). so, that's why i felt happy to receive such an 'honorable' praise from the British lady :) moreover, she commented my English is good. all praise is to Allah. Alhamdulillah :) 

on Saturday night, around 11 pm three western men came to KFC. actually, our restaurant closes at 11 pm. but my colleague served them anyway. the three men were so funny and friendly, though :D Alhamdulillah, each of us got our share from the $5 tips that one of the men had given us. 

hmm i am still grumpy over short of counter money that i always experience whenever i jaga counter. i did count the money 2-3 times before give customers their change. or is my hand really a bad luck? *sigh* even though the short is just like $1, $3, 50 cent but still it makes me grumpy. tepaksa lah bayar short atu pakai duit ku. grrr >.<

yesterday my cashier partner was one of the management team (we don't have enough workers, remember?). we called him Cabi. we were quite playful and a bit clumsy masa serving customers. stress effect, i guess. haha. we really had a good laugh, anyway. 

okay, i think that's enough for now.

p/s: share my blog with others, okay? thank you ;)

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