Tuesday, 14 February 2012

tuesday blues..

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D hmm i am quite weak today.. body ku rasa damn sejuk. feel like want to get inside an oven. i woke up quite early because i planned to stop by at ainaa's. nasib baik hostel lama nda jauh dari hostel baru @ the Core. aku mau iron my tudung. next time i will iron semua my tudung ready at KB. 

i think the reason why aku rasa headache and lamah2 badan because aku walked under rain last night. i didn't wash my head after that. balik dari campus tadi, i slept until 7 pm. now, i am feeling better. 

untuk major marketing assignment, we are asked to conduct some observation tasks and at the same time distributing questionnaires to visitors/users of Brunei International Airport. my group agreed to go there on Sunday morning. i am still thinking whether to go back to KB or just stay in Bandar this week. 

surely you guys might be wondering why i post the image below. i got it from here so to all Muslims out there do not do these signs when you are taking photo or whatsoever. it is a reminder for myself too.


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