Thursday, 2 February 2012

story after story part 2 :)

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D okeh Monday story lagi haha. ceritanya awal pagi aku jalan kaki ke UBD atm building before went to ITB because i wanted to withdraw money. when i arrived, i found out there is no longer HSBC atm. i don't know where it had gone. i was told that the atm kena cabut masa last year sudah. 

tu saja kisahnya. lame. kekeke :p

okeh Tuesday story:

when i was on my way to ITB, saw mama dog and her puppies did a morning walk. they also practise a healthy lifestyle maa :p awal2 i was walking a bit faster because mau sampai awal ke campus. but when i saw the dog family, speed ku reduced to...i don't know how many km per hour haha. luckily, they ignored me haha. i was a few meters kan arrive when hujan turun renyai-renyai. 

oh ya, sambil aku bejalan atu aku main handphone. online Facebook hehe. luan asyik ngadap handphone that i nearly bumped into dahan pokok beberapa kali and selipar sebelah kanan ku telapas ke siring jalan haha =.= 

bila ku sampai sudah di uni, aku kan naik ke class. tell ya what, aku nearly salah masuk class haha. main handphone punya pasal lah. i was on the first floor where in fact my class is on the second floor haha. therefore, the lesson of the story is do not play with your handphone nda kira online kah main game kah apa kah time buat benda lain because if too focus eatah jadi macam aku tu haha :p 

in the afternoon, me and some ITB bowling club members went to Utama bowling center to have second session of the weekly game. actually, it was my first session because i did not attend the last week game. my overall scores is 61 :l well, not bad for a beginner. Ainaa's scores is 70+. Rifan nda dapat joined us because she had to go back to KB. her nephew, Rauf, masuk hospital.

im hungry right now.. haven't eat my lunch..

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