Wednesday, 29 February 2012

busy week :/

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D sudah berapa hari i didn't update my blog. busy doing assignments. moreover, aku baru kaja balik di KFC after two weeks plus aku cuti kaja. btw, last Saturday i had economics test. typical me, didn't manage to finish it.. but, i believe i can pass :D

actually, i planned to go back to KB after the test. but, Ainaa persuaded me to stay a night with her at the Core with Grah. they were thinking to have a movie night out. we watched Safe House at The Mall Cineplex. thank you to Wafie for the treat. Ain pun joined liat. 

i slept late at 3 am just to finish up business law assignment. seriously, NO MORE last minute work Fae! and yes, the so-called new year resolutions of mine were a big useless. sama jua aku masih buat kaja last minute.

currently, we are having an intra-semester break which had started in Monday. just one week break. *sigh* i don't feel the holiday excitement, though. too bad we have assignments that need to be submitted after the break o.O 

tell you what, i was at KFC from 7 am until 12 pm :) 17 hours for a record. actually, my shift started at 1 pm. 'suka-suka' datang kaja awal. LOL. i was in not in a good mood yesterday. stressful, headache.. blame report. luckily, it is a group work. but still..


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