Thursday, 2 February 2012


Assalamu'alaikum readers :D today's tutorial is communication in organization (CO) for about less than an hour as Mrs Thulasi ada meeting at 9 am. she just briefed us on oral presentation and choral speaking. for the choral part, Najib was asked to work out on the script and he had finished it. 

actually, my class kena suruh practise choral speaking. i am not sure untuk apa. either untuk kami perform during ITB Info Day or Culture Week, still unsure. and i don't bother to ask Mrs Thulasi nor my friends haha. we were actually been given this task last two weeks, if i am not mistaken. and i came late to class when Mrs Thulasi had explained about this. and yahh aku terlepas info lah.. 

kami rehearsal sikit-sikit dalam class after CO tadi. aku nda dapat lama because i have to go back to KB at 9 am since Ainaa menunggu sudah. sampai saja di KB, main laptop until now haha. mata pun pedih dah because luan lama ngadap laptop screen. at least aku banyak buat research for CO assignment. the topic is tourism and i choose Russia :) 

okeh tata. tomorrow shift ku pagi at 7 am. KFC so good~~ :p

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