Thursday, 5 January 2012

the truth..

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D fuh lega perut i after 'membuang' just now hahaha. wohoo badan ku pun ikut beguyang mendangar lagu joget in tv. im not watching tv but telinga active :p

pagi2 sudah sentimental ku. ada lah sebabnya tu. very personal.. thanks to my bestfriends, Rifan and Ainaa, because ada bila aku memerlukan :) i believe the truth will reveal sooner or later. what i need to change is me, just me, to be a person yang mudah memaafkan. past is past :)

aiyaya belabih eh si little putri ne. my niece, si Venney punya adik angkat. actually aku and Venney anggap each other cousin walaupun aku pangkat aunt to her. umur kami bah dakat. moreover, aku ndamau kana panggil aunt. LOL. main water dispenser tah pulang little putri ah. trying to stop her from main water, i lied to her that i have Mr. Bean movie in my laptop. just to distract her. then when she came near me i told her ceritanya habis sudah haha. 

okay, i gotta stop here now. i have some packing to do. tata!

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